where can i travel without vaccinations

Top 4 Destinations for Unvaccinated Travelers

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If you are in the United States and have resisted the push to get vaccinated up till today, congratulations – we really are a diminishing breed! Meanwhile, countries such as Singapore, which took the hard line in favor of vaccinations (currently at over 82% of their population), are seeing surges with deaths evenly split between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. So you may be asking yourself, “Where can I travel without vaccinations?”

But we have resisted the travel bug long enough! Here is our list of the top destinations in the world for unvaccinated travelers. It is compiled with the latest guidance from the governments of the individual countries and/or US State Dept.

Where Can I Travel Without Vaccinations?

1. Aruba

Billed as ‘your happy place’ in its national tourism campaign, Aruba definitely has the looks to elicit happiness. Known the world over for its sandy white beaches and pristine azure seas, the island has been featured in countless films and images.

Considering the natural wonder that it is, it’s unsurprising that Aruba’s main draws revolve around the great outdoors. The National Park is a haven for bikers and hikers. Spelunkers will love the underground wonders of Quadirikiri cave. The Casibari rocks are a popular bouldering destination for locals and tourists alike.

For those inclined towards culture more than adventure, though, the colonial architecture of Aruba can provide hours of intriguing exploration. The Cosecha region is home to a vibrant artistic community and the ideal place to get your hands on a piece of unique local artwork. San Nicholas features giant building murals that make excellent photo backdrops.

Solo travelers can’t go wrong with Aruba, but it’s very family-friendly, too. There are a number of petting zoos and similar attractions to get up close and personal with local wildlife.

2. The Bahamas

16 major islands, countless smaller ones, and 100,000 square miles of the cleanest and clearest ocean waters make the Bahamas the seaside destination to beat.

If you can, visit during Junkanoo, a local ‘joyous bohemian’ festival held the day after Christmas and can continue for weeks. Similar to Brazil’s Carnivale for the elaborate costumes that take a year to make (but far more family-friendly), it is a celebration that makes the nation come alive. Nassau is the epicenter of the event.

The 20,500-acre Abaco National Park, 40,000-acre Blue Holes National Park, 124-mile Andros Barrier Reef, the Abacos Sound Cay National Park, and Green Turtle Cay are just some of the many gorgeous natural sites worth visiting in the Bahamas.

There are few better places in the world to go diving. The ocean water typically has a visibility of between 150 and 200 feet. The gorgeous blue holes of the eponymous National Park are also popular dive sites.

For a touch of history and culture, venture to the hilltop stone Hermitage of St. Alvernia. For a more modern taste of the nation’s vibe, the Graycliff Cigar Company is always worth a visit.

3. The British Virgin Islands

60 pristine islands pack all the energy, color, culture, and possibility of the entire Caribbean in one destination – the British Virgin Islands.

The really amazing thing is that 43 of these islands are uninhabited. That makes for a true nature wonderland, with sailing, scuba diving, beach activities, and fishing attracting a large number of locals and tourists.

The close proximity of the islands to each other makes for perfectly sheltered sailing alleys suitable for novice sailors. Certainly not slouches in the sea and sand arena just as all the tourism hotspots in the region, the BVI are also a great fishing destination.

Among the most popular national parks are Dead Chest, Cam Bay, Devil’s Bay, Diamond Cay, Gorda Peak, and Little Fort. Not only are they a great introduction to the local flora and fauna but many of these sites are also home to ancient ruins. The majority of these comprise fortresses and masonry walls that have stood for centuries.

Delve into BVI history with a visit to the Lower Estate Sugar Works, Callwood Rum Distillery, and Her Majesty’s Prison Museum. Not all the stories they tell are pleasant but they definitely are enthralling.

4. Honduras

Honduras is one of the most low-profile tourist destinations in Central America. While the negative press it sometimes receives tends to depress visitor numbers, it works as a boon for the nation. The local tourism industry is largely organic and comparatively less commercial than its neighbors’, making for more authentic experiences.

One particular destination should be on every traveler’s list: Copan. The city of Copan was a Mayan stronghold and is today a UNESCO-designated heritage site. It is most well-known for a court where a ballgame was played, similar to the Grand Slam tennis arenas we have today. The ruins also contain an Acropolis and a Hieroglyphic Stairway.

For a touch of nature, visit the El Cusuco Cloud Forest Park. The bright and vivid colors of the quetzal bird’s feathers peek through the clouds and rainforest canopy while tree frogs and jeweled scarab beetles scramble around the trees and soil. Explore on foot or take a ride on a 4×4.

Honduras also features some worthy offshore day trips, some that are accessible only by dugout boats.

And of course, not to forget, The Bay Islands. Formerly owned by the British, the native language here is English. There is also an international airport, with direct flights from Miami and Houston. On the islands you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, yoga, relaxation, nature parks and hikes.

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Before You Pack

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Please check with the authorities of the respective nations for the most up to date information for unvaxxed travelers before finalizing your plans.

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