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Adventure Travel

Defined as "An act involving excitement, daring, or adventure" - That's what we are about; not your boring travel company experience.

Solo travel

Solo travelling can be some of the most rewarding, incredible, life-changing experiences - we can provide recommendations that are safe and accommodating.

Foodie Travel

Reindeer heart in Scandinavia, Squid on a stick in Asia, Dahl in India, a 12 egg omelet in USA - we can plan an amazing trip around food for you.​

LGBQT+ Travel

New relationship dynamics are now being more accepted, although not everywhere - we can help you find the places for your next adventure.

Gaming Tours

Exposure to uncommon and addicting games that will expand your idea of traditional board game playing while experiencing a new destination.

More Than Flying

Buses suck - Getting around our destinations is part of the adventure - a car rental through Europe, a train trough Russia or a motorcycle excursion in Nepal - we can plan it for you.


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Here at the Casual Nomad we love to travel, we love to plan travel, we love to eat and hike and experience new places and cultures.

our commitment

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As such, we have travel planning specialties, it’s just the stuff we like to do!

But we can plan anything for you!

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