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Gaming Tours

Are you looking for something different in the gaming world?

We have 3 board gaming tours per year to different countries. 

The tours include hotels, some meals and board gaming in the evening over a locally catered dinner.  

Games may include: Century: Spice Roads, Unstable Unicorns, Sagrada, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride Europe, Tikal, Dixit, Forbidden Desert, Lord of the Rings Risk, Codenames, Coup, Monopoly Deal, Pandemic, Hanabi, Aera as well as many of your favorite classics.

the next tour

August 13-20, 2022

Set in the Caribbean 2 different islands and on a river in the jungle, come enjoy the diversity of the beach and the jungle, during the day. 

Make new friends and enjoy the best board games in the evening over local dinners.

12 People only


Why Gaming Tours?
Because we want to see new places & enjoy our love of games