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Hotel Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto

Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto Room

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Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto Hotel is a budget hotel, part of the budget range of hotels by the Accor Hotel Group. Located close to the Monterrey International Airport in Monterrey, Mexico.

How Far Is Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto From the Airport?

The hotel is 1.4 miles/ 2.2 kilometers from Monterrey International Airport. Depending on traffic, it takes about 5-10 minutes to get to and from the airport. The hotel has a free shuttle that runs daily from 3am – midnight.

How Do I Book Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto in Monterrey, Mexico?

You can book Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto directly on their website, on, on Expedia, TripAdvisor or of course contact me.

How Much Does Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto Cost?

This is a budget hotel in Monterrey, Mexico, our room was $899 MXD/night, or approximately $40 USD. There are many hotels in this area, ranging from $40-$150/night.

  • Payment Method: Takes Visa & Mastercard

How Is Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto in Monterrey?

  • Check-In Process: Super easy, they speak some English, but just hand over your ID and you will be all good.
  • Room: Our room had a double bed, super hot water, a flat-screen TV, AC and WiFi. For the AC to run, the key card has to be left in the holder by the door. The AC was not very strong. No safe.
  • Cleanliness: The bathroom was a bit dirty, if you are super conscious about this, you may not want to stay here. All staff wear masks, there is a sanitation station by the entrance when you come in. If you come in with baggage, the door man comes out and takes your temperature, squirts you with sanitizer and also sprays your baggage, there are also foot mats to step on.
  • Concierge Service: They don’t have a concierge service really, but you can ask questions at the front desk – remember – limited English.
  • Food: There is a café Ibis Kitchen Pasta & Grill on site, no need to leave the property. There was a neat looking castle style Italian restaurant next door (IL Castello Di Frabo Ristorante), I would have gone to check it out if we hadn’t arrived so late.
  • Common Areas:  The is the main kitchen/dining area and a lounge area.
  • Other: Before booking I tried to call the hotel (on the Mexican number), to ask about the shuttle or what my options were; there was never any answer. I also emailed the hotel directly – I also never received an email response.

How Do I Get To/From the Airport From/to Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto?

  • Shuttle: Free (3am-12am daily), don’t forget to leave a small tip, we left 50 pesos / $2.50 for 2 people
  • Taxi cost from the Airport: $900 MXD / $44 USD – this was a bit of a sticker shock to me. If your flight comes in after 12am, there are no more shuttles. When you come out of the departures, to the left are some ‘ATM’ style machines that say Taxi Seguro – Secure Taxis. From here you are supposed to purchase your taxi ticket for Zone 1. All of Zone 1 is $900 MXD, even if you are only going a mile away. I am a fluent Spanish speaker, so I went outside to see what my other options were. It’s illegal for taxis who are not part of the ‘Secure Taxis’ to solicit clients – but of course it happens anyway. I took a taxi to the hotel for 200 MXD/ $10 USD. However, I urge you to be extremely cautious with this, as it could lead to robbery etc, which is why they have secure taxis.

Overall Rating of Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto in Monterey, Mexico

Overall I do like Ibis Monterrey Aeropuerto. It is at a great price point and close to the airport. There is food for the majority of the day at the onsite café Ibis Kitchen Pasta & Grill. There is always a guard at the door, so no need to worry about security. This is an older hotel that has been refurbished, and as such the rooms look a bit dingy, but the décor is updated and the bed was great. If I ever fly into Monterrey at 1am again and fly out at 9am, I would definitely stay here again. $40 for 6 hours – for a great shower and a bed after 36 hours of traveling was welcomed.

  • Value: 10
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Ease: 3
  • Location: 10
  • Amenities:
  • Helpfulness of Staff: 10
  • Most recent visit: Oct 2021
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