With so many new and innovative travel gadgets released every year, it can be hard to decide which ones will really make your trips better. That’s why we created this list of the top 8 useful pieces of tech gear for traveling in 2022!

The future looks bright with all these great options available now—so get shopping before someone else beats you to it first (or just order online).

1. World Wide Power Adapter

The universal travel charger is engineered for maximum packing convenience. With two USB ports, it can charge smaller electronics while you’re on your trip! It fits outlets in Australia, China, US, Europe and the UK.

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2. Waterproof Power Bank

Had enough of dead batteries? NPB2 has you covered! This power bank is the answer to all your prayer, as it can charge 2 devices at once and 18W worth. What’s more is that this baby sports QC 3.0 tech with support for fast charging – meaning no more waiting around on those slow chargers anymore (especially if they’re far away). With multiple safety features like overcharge protection Short Circuit & Thermal Trouble alerts; travelling should be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

$ 47.45

$ 49.95

NITECORE 10,000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

3. Portable Luggage Scale

$ 0.00

$ 41.99

Bey Berk Black Plastic Travel Luggage Scale

4. JBL Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The new JBL Headphones are here to change the game. These small, yet powerful headphones will deliver your music in an immersive environment with Ambient Aware and TalkThrough capabilities that let you enjoy chat without removing them from your ears!

Grab a few moments of peace and serenity with these headphones. You’ll get up to 6 hours on one charge! Pop them into the charging case after use- it takes about 10 minutes – then you can enjoy your song or podcast as long as desired without interruption (or risk!)

$ 0.00

$ 105.59

JBL LIVE 300TWS True Wireless Earphones Smart Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Voice Assistant Sport Waterproof Headset With Mic LIVE 300

5. Bluetooth Speaker

I’m not a fan of travelers who bring their music with them when they travel, but I do enjoy quiet music in hotels or apartments while on vacation. My favorite is the JBL Waterproof speakers–they have such great sound! Retro ones are pretty cool too, check out these below.

6. GoPro Tripod

GorillaPod action tripods are perfect for filming your next big adventure. Made with durable materials and lightweight design, the GorilaPOD is capable of holding up to 3 pounds in weight while still being flexible enough that it can be wrapped around any object or surface you desire! The ball head allows full control over what angle meets best Needs when capturing video footage at extreme distances away from camera subject matter which makes these gopros ideal both indoors as well outdoors without worrying about getting too close- range shots blocked by other objects nearby.

$ 0.00

$ 52.95

Joby Gorillapod Action Tripod

7. USB Rechargeable Headlamp

The powerful battery in this flashlight unleash max brightness of 2700 lumens with over 146 yards beam throw. The quick detach headlamp bracket allows you to easily rotate your light on the strap for wherever it’s needed most–whether that be at home, work or out camping! Pop off its accessory 90 degree design makes sure there are plenty options when facing obstacles both big and small come nightime time.

$ 0.00

$ 33.49

Outdoor USB Rechargeable Waterproof Zoomed/Fixed-focus Headlight 180 Lighting Angle 90 Rotatable 4 Lighting Modes Headlamp

8. Two Way Action Camera

1080p at 100Mbps video + 12MP photo – Dual boasts a resolution that is impossible to match with any other mobile device. Together, these capabilities ensure your footage always has the intensity of whatever moment you’re capturing while maintaining sharp details and clarity on screen for viewers who may be far away or up close! The Mobile App allows users not only preview but also save content directly from their phone so it can then be shared across social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter without ever having been uploaded before hand.

two way action camera

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