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Foodie Travel

Are you looking for something different in the foodie world?

Reindeer heart in Scandinavia, Squid on a stick in Asia, Dahl in India, a 12 egg omelette in the USA – we can plan an amazing trip around food for you.

Foodie Travel vacations are becoming more popular. Most of us have started to realize that one of our favorite things to do on vacation and some of the strongest memories we have, have to do with food. Maybe you learned how to make pasta in an Italian village, or you did a great food tour of Little Havana in Miami, or you ate at one of the world’s best restaurants like Noma in Denmark. These are all cherished memories now.

Food is powerful. It’s what makes us who we are as a people. Food is a necessary part of life and community. We question whether you can experience the real, authentic side of a culture without experiencing the food. After all, what is Finland without Reindeer Meat, Indonesia without Chicken Satay, Canada without Poutine, Honduras without Baleadas?

Do you agree? If so, then you are a foodie traveller, like we are. To experience culture, learn about the local people and to immerse ourselves in what makes each place unique, we make food a priority.

We believe you can do all of this through food.

Advantages of Foodie Travel

  • You Discover Foods You’ve Never Tried Before
  • You Experience Foods You Eat at Home in a New Way
  • Local Food is Part of the Culture
  • Food Brings People Together

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Why Foodie Travel?

Food travelers want to learn about local culinary cultures and customs. They love storytelling and history. They travel near and far to find authentic food and beverage products and experiences.