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Board Game Tour

Caribbean 1st Edition

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ready for the gaming adventure of a lifetime?

Resort Utila board gaming tour


7 nights accommodations included in some pretty incredible spots!


ALL dinners included, most breakfasts included. Lunches are on your own, get out an try some local food!

The games

We have a wide variety of games on the tours, so pack a suitcase, grab your gaming buddy and come game.


All transportation internally, once you have arrived to Roatan is included.

Board Game tours

The Caribbean 1st Edition is set on 2 different islands and on a river in the jungle, come enjoy the diversity of the beach and the jungle, during the day.

Make new friends and enjoy the best board games in the evening over dinner.

roatan hotel 1 beach

2 days


Arrive - Meet - Game - Enjoy Roatan - Game Again

Fly into Roatan without worrying about getting to your hotel, we will quickly settle you into the resort to relax after your flight. Meet and play with the other gamers.

Pico Bonito Hotel

2 days

Pico Bonito

Arrive - Relax - Game - Enjoy Pico - Game Again

Ferry and shuttle from Roatan to Pico Bonito. Arrive at the resort by noon. The afternoon is yours to relax or look around, before an evening of board gaming.

Resort Utila board gaming tour

2 days


Arrive - Relax - Game - Enjoy Utila - Game Again

Shuttle and Ferry to Utila, arrive by 11, your choice of afternoon activities before that night’s games.

roatan hotel

1 day


Arrive - Enjoy the last day with your new friends - Last Game

Morning Ferry to Roatan. Luggage pickup and optional tour of West Bay before shuttle to resort. Last night of games.

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Starting in Roatan August 13, 2022.

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